Herbal Medical Center

The First, Largest and Most Experienced in Herbal Medicine in USA

Herbal Medical Center in Boston (HMC, www.hmcboston.com) specializes in treatment of conditions of cancer, malignant tumors, skin diseases (acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes zoster, scar lesions and hair loss), diabetes mellitus, irregular menstruation, infertility, arthritis, and chronic pain. HMC provides top quality herbal medical service for conditions of cardiovascular, respiratory and hepatobiliary systems, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, rheumatoid, and autoimmune disorders.

HMC is a multi-function facility which has been equipped with diagnostic room, treatment room, deep-tissue massage, acupuncture therapy, infrared therapy, facial care unit, out-patient herbal pharmacy, herbal remedy store, and an herbal remedy online-sale department. In addition, HMC has a workshop for preparing customized herbal capsules, bottled herbal remedies and cocktail herbal extract liquids. It has a capsule-filling facility to manufacture >127 sorts of hi-tech herbal remedies and topical-use lotions and ointments.

Doctors at HMC are experienced herbal specialists and they have studied and practiced both western medicine and herbal medicine in teaching hospitals of Tongji Medical University and Zhongshan Medical University in China, Hanover Medical School in Germany and Harvard Medical School in the USA. HMC provides our clients the top quality of natural health care. So far, our patients come from 17 states in the nation.

HMC integrates western medicine with herbal medicine. We diagnose a disease utilizing western medicine technologies and treat conditions of patients using clinically proven hi-tech herbal remedies. HMC has communication, cooperation, and consultation with patients’ primary care physicians and oncologists to exchange the information of patient’s past medical records, laboratory tests, radiology reports and treatment progress.

HMC is standing in the frontline of R&D of the hi-tech herbal medicine. HMC is the first facility which uses current technologies of the investigation of western medicine in developing the hi-tech herbal remedies. All herbal remedies at HMC are 100% organic and they are made of concentrated active ingredients. For example, the ingredients of D80 Diabetic Pills are made of 20-fold concentrated herbal powders, which are potent and effective in the treatment of conditions of diabetes. The hi-tech anticancer herbal remedies are made of 20 to 154-fold concentrated herbal extracts and they are reliable products in treatment of conditions of breast cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, carcinoma of stomach, colon-rectum, bony tissue, lymphoma and other malignant diseases.

Picture 1 shows a cured diabetic patient who is cheering in the front of HMC. Picture 2 shows a cured deaf patient and he is saying that he can hear again. Picture 3 shows a rheumatoid patient from Florida whose arthritis is cured. Picture 4 shows that a customer is kneeling-down on the floor to worship our hi-tech herbal remedy. Pictures 5-8 demonstrate CT scan images of a cured lung cancer patient.

Address: 242 Dorchester Street, South Boston, Massachusetts 02127, USA
Phone: 617-464 3999, 617-962 5161, 617-733 9237.
Fax: 617-464 3508
Email: hmcboston@yahoo.com