All Patients’ Pictures shown here have Been Authorized

These photos show the representative examples of many patients who have been efficiently treated and cured at our clinics. We are proud that the famous Ballet dancer from France, Jazz dancer from the Netherlands, pianist from Israel, and fashion modelers from the USA has visited our Herbal Medical Center (HMC) for the treatment of their professional-related illness. Hundred thousands of patients have benefited from our service in our 3 clinics in Europe during the past 10 years. We are also honored that professors, instructors, and medical professionals from top university hospitals in Boston have been treated at our HMC in Boston.

We are experienced professionals in traditional and modern herbal medicine and also in Western medicine. We serve our clients and patients with the highest standards of treatment by the combination of the proven effective herbal remedies, medical massage, and infrared therapy, surface apply of herbal extract and acupuncture therapies.

We make diagnosis and evaluation of disease using Western medicinal diagnosis technology and treat disease that cannot be cured by Western medicine with the proven hi-tech made herbal neutraceutical (HHN) and hi-tech made herbal pharmaceutical (HHP) products as well as physic therapy.

Pain In Feet and Back
A Bullet dancer from France she had pain in her feet and back that were cured at HMC.
Acute Injury On Back
A Jazz dancer from the Netherlands had an acute injury of her back during performance. She was cured by the combined therapy of medical massage and surface use of herbal extract and infrared treatment.
Pain On Fingers
A piano student from Israel had serious pain in her fingers that made her unable to continue her professional practice. She visited all big hospitals in Europe without cure. After using 20 bottles of anti-rheumatoid herbal extract in wine made by HMC she got cured.
Body Paralysis
A post-stroke patient with his body paralysis was recovered. The picture shows he is taking Stroke Supporter® herbal medicine made by HMC.
Memory Loss and Ischemic Brain Dysfunction
An Alzheimer patient had memory loss and ischemic brain dysfunction; her memory significantly improved 2 months after treatment with Smart Brain® herbal medicine.

Migraine Migraine
patient cured with De-Migraine® herbal medicine.
Rheumatoid hands and fingers and Arthritis
A rheumatoid patient’s hands and fingers had serious deformation before treatment and her arthritis was significantly improved by using Anti-Rheumatoid herbal extract in wine.
Immunity Enhancer For White Blood Cells and Platelets
A patient had low counts of white blood cells and platelets after chemotherapy and Western medicine did not work for her. Four weeks after taking our Immunity Enhancer® both counts returned to normal ranges.

Hear Again or Hear From Now On
Many hearing loss or deaf patients have recovered their hearing after using our Hearing Recovery® herbal extract. We have so far cured 166 patients with hearing loss or deaf. This patient lost his hearing for 36 years from his electric-driving job without wear ear protector. After taking 8 bottles of Hearing Recovery® his hearing recovered. He was standing in the front of Herbal Medical Center and turning-up his right dumb and loudly said “I can hear again”!
No More Fear From Diabetic
A diabetic patients can be cured with Herbal Insulin®.