Demonstration 1

This is a Native American who had an advanced lung cancer and he received his anti-cancer herbal therapy (using LDL-110 anti-cancer herbal pills) for 7 months, from October, 2005 to April, 2006. According to the reports of consecutive CT-scan and MRI his lung cancer and numerous metastases have been cured. The below descriptions are the abstracts of his CT-scan report from his radiologists.

Picture 1 shows the image of a huge cancer (114 mm in diameter) in the left lung before treatment. The CT- scan reported that there is a large left upper lobe mass consistent with malignant pulmonary neoplasm. There are lymph node metastases in the mediastinum, the left hilar region and the left supraclavicular region. There are innumerable tiny pulmonary nodules, suggesting metastases to both lungs. There is evidence of metastatic neoplasm in the liver and there is a metastatic deposit in T1.

Picture 2 shows 3 months after herbal therapy with LDL-110 anti-cancer herbal pills. 1. The size of lung cancer attenuated to 23x24x42mm in diameters from the pre-treatment 114mm in diameter. 2. Previously described hypermetabolic mediastinal and supraclavicular adenopathy is no longer present. 3. Previously described pulmonary nodules are also no longer demonstrated. 4. Metastatic lesions involving the liver and T1 are no longer present.

Picture 3 shows 6 months after treatment with LDL-110 anti-cancer herbal pills: 1. There has been further decrease in size in a left upper lobe mass which currently measures approximately 13x21x20 mm in diameters and has a maximal standard up taking value (SUV) of 3.4. 3. No evidence of metastatic disease. Specifically, there are no hypermetabolic liver lesions or bony lesions. There is no hypermetabolic lymphadenopathy.

Comment: This patient has been regarded as completely cured. We had consulted cancer specialist at Sloan-kittering Cancer Institute in New York and Dr. David Liu at Herbal Cancer Center in Boston that this small remaining moderately hypermetabolic lesion in the left lung would be an inflammatory lesion because innumerable metastases in whole body have been cured during 6 months, it is a miracle!

Demonstration 2

A 46 years old Asian man, who was diagnosed a diffuse large B-cell lymphoma at a teaching hospital of Harvard University in 2004. Pathological examination revealed large B-cell lymphoma. CT-scan revealed bulky lymphoadenopathy in the retroperitoneum, mesenteric, and supraclavicular areas, both sides of axiliary fossa areas and inguinal areas. He received > 15 sessions of chemotherapy and once autologous stem cell transplantation. His 6 teeth were removed for preventing him from potential post-chemotherapy infections. However, his lymphoma recurred several times in 2 years and he could not handle severe side-effects resulted from chemotherapy. The patient has received his anti-cancer herbal therapy (using LPY-80 anti-leukemia-lymphoma herbal pills) at Herbal Cancer Center on the 29th of May, 2006. Three weeks after treatment 70% remission of lymphoma lesions has been seen. He experienced zero side-effects from the herbal therapy.

Pictures 1 and 2 show multiple recurrent lymphomas in the mediastinum and chest.

Picture 3 show lymphoma lesions in mesenteric areas. Now all of the recurrent lymphomas are regressed 6 weeks after treatment.

Demonstration 3

A 60-year-old Bostonian gentleman underwent 3 surgeries for cancer of prostate and basal cell carcinoma in skin 2 years ago. His basal cell carcinoma in the front chest recurred 2 years after first surgical intervention. He received topical herbal therapy twice a week at Herbal Cancer Center. Two weeks (4 sessions of therapy) after treatment, the relapsed basal cell carcinoma regressed and healed. Topical herbal therapy is a safe, painless and free of side-effects natural therapy for skin malignancies.

Picture 1 shows a tumor in skin before treatment.

Picture 2 demonstrates the tumor automatically regressed and healed 2 weeks after topical use LJH-25 anti-cancer herbal extract.

Demonstration 4

This is an Indian patient who had a pre-carcinoma lesion (melanopathy) on his right forehead for years. Recently, this melanopathy grew big and fast and it turned to malignant features. The patient received herbal cancer therapy with oral intake of Anti-Cancer Herbal Pills (LDL-110) and topical use of LJH-25 anti-cancer herbal extract at herbal Cancer center in Boston. His pre-carcinoma lesion has been cured by 2 months. A 2 year fellow-up study showed that no relapse or recurrence of tumor is seen.

Picture 1 shows a pre-carcinoma lesion (melanopathy) before the treatment. Picture 2 shows the tumor is naturally healed.

Picture 3 demonstrates a nice head picture of the patient on 2 year follow-up study.

Demonstration 5

I, George Green, had a tumor on my neck which was there for forty years. I had sought medical resolutions in many places but no result. In July 2006 I came to Dr. David Liu’s office at Herbal Medical Center in Boston to see if he could help me. Dr. Liu examined me and said this is a benign tumor and he could remove my tumor with external use of herbal extract. I was amazed that he does that. So I began his hi-tech herbal therapy and just like he said my tumor was gone by two weeks after the treatment. This herbal therapy cured my tumor without any side-effect and I wish everyone who has tumor on the surface of the body should have a try. I was so happy and I called Dr. David Liu the “Master in Oncology” and I’m grateful. Thank you Herbal Cancer Center! Yours truly, George Green, South Boston, MA 02127. Dated August 7, 2006

Picture 1 shows a huge tumor in the patient’s neck for 40 years before the treatment.

Picture 2 shows the tumor has significantly regressed 1 week after the external treatment with LJH-25 anti-cancer herbal extract.

Picture 3demonstrates the treated tumor is completely gone 2 weeks after the treatment.