The First, Largest and Most Experienced in Herbal Medicine in USA

Herbal Medical Center in Boston (HMC, specializes in treatment of conditions of cancer, malignant tumors, skin diseases (acne, eczema, psoriasis, herpes zoster and hair loss), diabetes mellitus, irregular menstruation, infertility, arthritis, and chronic pain. HMC provides top quality service of herbal medicals for conditions of cardiovascular, respiratory and hepatobiliary systems, gastrointestinal tract, urinary-genital tract, rheumatoid, and autoimmune disorders.

HMC is a multi-function facility. It has diagnostic room, treatment room, deep-tissue massage, acupuncture therapy, infrared therapy, out-patient herbal pharmacy, herbal remedy store, and an herbal remedy online-sale department. HMC has a workshop for production of our-own herbal remedies, bottled herbal decoction, and over 127 types of hi-tech-made herbal remedies, surface-use lotions and ointments.

Doctors at HMC are experienced herbal specialists who studied and practiced both western medicine and herbal medicine in teaching hospitals of Tongji Medical University and Zhongshan Medical University in China, Hanover Medical School in Germany and Harvard Medical School in the USA. We use western medical hi-tech in diagnosis of a disease and utilize clinically proven herbal remedies in treating a malady. Therefore, most of patients were successfully cured. So far, our patients come from 17 states in the nation and six countries worldwide.

Some of chronic diseases and autoimmune disorders in human have no cure with western medicine but they are healed by herbal medicine. Some patients who scheduled their surgical operations who switched to herbal therapy, their conditions were cured without surgical procedure.

Hi-tech-made cancer herbal medicines at HMC are made of 20-fold to 125-fold concentrated herbal ingredients that are effective in treatment of cancer conditions of thyroid, breast, lung, prostate, stomach, colon-rectum, bony tissue, lymphoma and other malignancies.

D80 and D84 Diabetic herbal remedies are made of 12-fold concentrated herbal ingredients. A few of weeks after using D80 or D84, blood surge level is lowered. When the medication is continued, the dose of insulin injection in some patients with condition of type-I diabetes is cut. Patients suffering from type-II diabetes are clinically curable by regular medication therapy.

HMC also specializes in skin disease and autoimmune disorder. Dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, acne, and hair loss are curable conditions using hi-tech-made herbal Derma-I and Derma-II. Patient suffering from acute herpes zoster is healed just by a few of visits.

For patient’s demonstration, click patient comment.

Picture 1 shows a cured diabetic patient who is cheering in the front of HMC.

Picture 2 shows a cured deaf patient and he is saying that he can hear again.

Picture 3 shows a rheumatoid patient from Florida whose arthritis is cured.

Picture 4 shows that a customer is kneeling-down on the floor to worship our hi-tech herbal remedy.

Pictures 5-8 demonstrate CT scan images of a cured lung cancer patient.